Monday, April 21, 2008

Preparation for April 24th Meeting

1. Committee members will discuss their experiences with the INFO GAME

2. Comments about the survey and results.

3. Key findings /trends from the North American survey of info literacy efforts of 110 U.S. colleges. Primary Research Group Inc. 2007. College Information Literacy Efforts Benchmarks

• Business, psychology, sociology, nursing, education and English are the most common academic depts. requesting library instructional presentations.

• 18% - 32% students knew a little about Boolean searching

• 17% administered a test on their understanding of plagiarism

• Almost 70% used student evaluation forms to assess the info literacy instruction

• 63% colleges offer brief classes to new students during new student orientation

• 5% required 1 or 2 credit info lit course for graduation.

• 23% required info lit training integrated into basic writing or composition courses.

• 48% offered interactive tutorials in info lit topics to students

• 84% reported the library was not involved with computer technology training

• 73% of the libraries had instructional labs

• 50% reported making tutorial links and other resources available thru course management systems

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