Thursday, March 20, 2008

Committee's Timeline of Activities for March and April 2008

Committee Members present:
Susan Thrall, Jim Morris, Logan Cross, Patty Anderson, Becky van Hoek, Brian Dopson, Vickie Lepore, Larry Gunter, John Gillette

March 20th - Ask Logan to reformat the list of competencies into a survey form for faculty input

March 26 - Brian will distribute the Info literacy Survey to faculty

April 8th - Deadline for Completed Surveys to be turned into Logan

March 28 - John will report "student input" about competencies to Jim.

April 10 - (AM) Vickie will acquire survey data from Logan and initiate the development of an assessment.

April 10 - 2:30 Info Literacy Committee will review survey data, decide on the final core competencies, and how to best develop the assessment.

April 24 - Vickie will give Larry the assessment questions so he can generate this into his final exam for his students.

April 30 - data from Larry will be routed to Logan.

May 8th - Offsite Committee meeting at Foundation 2:30 - 4:30

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